I have been dealing with Global Point for over three years. I was a corporate travel agent years ago and understand all the pressures, changes, cancellations and the demands of passengers that are very particular. I only deal with one agent and I can't say enough about her skill set. Her attention to detail, courteous, witty and pleasant demeanor make my job so much easier. I don't know why it has taken me three years to tell you something that I am sure you are already aware of... I really appreciate all that she does.

Linda M.
FirstWind Management, LLC

I just want say thank you. I think about the consistently good job your team does when I am flying, but for some reason, I loose sight of your incredible service when I get home… I really appreciate all that you do for me. It's a huge burden off my shoulders to have you take care of all my travel.   On my last flight, thanks to you,  I was upgraded to First Class - it was great!  Thanks very much  for your efforts.   You're on my Power Team and I look forwarded to continued work with you.

Neal T.
Ultimate Growth, Inc.

I want to write a message of appreciation for the efforts that Brent Carter has given me with travel reservation issues on two occasions recently. He always goes beyond normal to check on items for me and resolve them quickly. I realize that the extra effort was not necessary and could have been left alone, but it was nice to see that he took extra steps to provide a higher level of excellent level of service. Thank you.

Al W.

I want to thank you for pairing me up with Jaime!! She is the bomb!! I just love working with her and she is always right on top of everything.  Thanks again…..so much.

Melina J.
Jones & Associates Consulting, Inc.

I am so so so impressed with your service - I think you are amazing because you go further than what I have put onto the email and really thought about my needs.  I sincerely appreciate that - thank you. I have been doing most of my own travel arrangements for the last few years because the internet has been so convenient, but I couldn't have done what you have done in such a short time so this experience was brilliant.

Tomoe C.
Anthony Robbins Companies